La Salle Computer Society is the only professional organization in the College of Computer Studies accredited by the Council of Student Organizations in De La Salle University for over 33 years.

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Resilience in Time of Uncertainty: Plans of the New Core
October 06, 2020
Posted by: Carlos Antonio Doble
Every year, the core officers of La Salle Computer Society (LSCS) are voted by the LSCS community. Th...
Presenting The Online Nook: LSCS Discord Server
October 01, 2020
Posted by: Regina Marie Masilang
With the third term of the Academic Year 2019-2020 being held online, the chances of candid interacti...
LSCS in the Midst of the Modern Pandemic.
September 30, 2020
Posted by: Robbie De Mesa
At the beginning of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, all educational institutions were completely halted...
Getting Accustomed to a New Academic Life
September 29, 2020
Posted by: Jan Uriel Marcelo and Patrick Simpao
How’s everyone doing this quarantine? Are you sick of seeing the phrase “during these trying time...


Ivan Jason Dichaves
Jonathan Go
Executive Vice President for Internals
Charles Stepven Lin
Executive Vice President for Externals
Myles Russel Chan
Executive Vice President for Operations
Gabriel Lorenzo Dela Cruz
Executive Vice President for Laguna Campus