The New Logo

The logo design is inspired by Iron Man’s HUD (Head-up Display). Because of this, the logo has a futuristic feel of technology. The logo portrays both technology and the LSCS (La Salle Computer Society) philosophy.

The LSCS logo is composed of three layers in the form of three revolving rings in different colors representing the past, the present, and the future.

Black - The outer layer represents the past, where the identity and culture of our organization has been established throughout the years. The black part is the larger part because the past is the foundation upon which we built our present to create the future.

Blue - The middle layer represents the present where variety of innovative services and programs have been provided to go along with today’s current trends.

Gold - The inner layer represents the future, the core and end goal of the organization which is to prepare CCS (College of Computer Studies) students to become leaders of their generation.

Bits of the past is used to create the present while the present is used to imagine the future. This explains how technology works. We use the past to create the present technologies and use the present to innovate on the future.