The Junior Officer Training Program

What is it?

The JO Program (Junior Officer Training Program) is a program provided by LSCS (La Salle Computer Society) to aspiring officers in order to prepare them to be the next set of LSCS officers. The program aims to make certain that the values, culture, and excellence of LSCS be passed on to the future leaders of the organization, the current junior officers. The JO Program allows the junior officers to find themselves, gain new knowledge and skills, unleash their potential, and help them get out of their comfort zone.

How is it done?

The junior officers get to learn and experience what it is like to be an LSCS officer through various activities, workshops, and trainings that cater to different and specific aspects of the organization. The junior officers are not only exposed to a specific task or a specific committee’s work but also to the processes and tasks that the whole organization undergoes. This thus allows the junior officers to be knowledgeable in every aspect as well as be flexible and adaptable to the work environment of being an officer. Sample trainings include basic paper processes of CSO (Council of Student Organizations) and SLIFE (Office of Student Leadership Involvement, Formation, and Empowerment), proper email writing, proper communication, and leadership seminars.

How is it different from last year?

This year’s JO Program was headed by LSCS’ VP for TND (Training and Development), Jherine Aspra. Aspiring candidates underwent the “trial phase” before they could officially be junior officer’s. This year, we also introduced workshops for the junior officers that were lead by people from the IT industry. TND AVPs were in charge of mentoring a specific group of junior officers each, as well as monitoring their progress. In line with the trial phase, some of the applicants were cut off from the list while the rest were officially welcomed as junior officers.