Event Recap: Cyber Security

Incidents of hacking into systems have been a boom in the news lately. Since technology has been greatly improving to the point where there is a transition from physical services to digital services such as mobile banking, online shopping and etc., people often take advantage of the flaws of these digital services for their own desires. This is why LSCS (La Salle Computer Society) has offered a Cyber Security talk to the youth of COSCA (The Center for Social Concern and Action). This is in order to make them aware of the dangers of the internet, and of course, teach them ways on how to avoid being compromised. In their age, social media accounts are their important possession. The speakers for the talk are both LSCS AVPs taking up Network Engineering: Hillary Fong and Jyra Benablo.

The first part of the talk focuses on the concepts of cyber security. Hillary, the first speaker, tried to relate cyber security in real life situations so the audience could understand better. She shared personal experiences too; she was once tricked to input her password in a website through email (also known as “phishing”). She also explained the main principle of cyber security:

  • Confidentiality

    Information must be shared to authorized users

  • Integrity

    Information must not be altered in any forms

  • Availability

    Information must always be available for those who need it

She also informed the participants of the recent cyber security attacks in the Philippines. One example is how a hacker transferred a person’s credit because the victim posted his credit card information in his social media account. The information got was used by the hacker to fake his identity into the victim’s. This attack is commonly known as identity theft. The first part of the talk gave awareness to the audience that their social media life could be used against them which is why it is important for them to be more careful online.

The second part mainly focuses on guidelines on how to secure social media profiles especially Facebook. It also discusses what are the Do’s and Don't’s commandments in social media. Along with this, the speaker, Jyra, also taught the audience how to create secure passwords, the guidelines on how to do it, the recommended practices (passwords with at most numbers, symbols, capital and small letters), and how to generate a password by turning a sentence into a password one can remember. Aside from that, she also gave a demonstration on how to set up a home network by configuring the wireless router, and how to actually hide your WiFi name (also known as SSID) so only specific people can see and access it.