Event Recap: Last Programmer Standing

LPS (Last Programmer Standing) is an academic programming contest headed by three organizations in CCS (College of Computer Studies), namely LSCS (La Salle Computer Society), PTS (Peer Tutor Society), and SPRINT (Society of Proactive Role Models Inspiring Total Development). Like usual programming contests, LPS is a competition wherein the contestants would be trying to finish and solve as much of the given programming problems as they can within a specific time frame with the aim of allowing the contestants to apply what they have learned in class as well as to practice their good communication, teamwork, and critical thinking skills. In this case, the contestants were given 6 programming problems with varying difficulty, to be solved within two hours through the use of any programming language of their preference. However, what makes LPS different from other programming competitions is that the contestants have to undergo the competition with a twist: if the contestants have not yet finished all of the programming problems, they have to stop programming and complete the challenges or obstacles per fifteen minutes of the competition before they could continue

For this school year, the LPS was held on November 5, 2015 from 4:00 PM to 6:40 PM at the Gokongwei Lobby. Aside from the programming problems, the challenges and obstacles for LPS this school year included drinking blended okra, eating a slice of ampalaya, doing 10 jumping jacks, and eating balut. Fifteen pairs took on the challenges and participated in the event. In the end, 3 pairs out of 15, for each division (Freshman, Sophomore, Upperclassmen), were declared as winners. Team Lois which comprised of Daniel Scott Locsin and Jade Kathleen Yu won for the freshmen division, Team Pa Cool which comprised of Ralph Reiner Cobankiat and Vincent Camilon won for the sophomore division, and Marc San Pedro and Ken Hosoya of Team Pendulum won for the upperclassmen division. Each winning team won P1000 and a goodie bag for each winning member.