Event Recap: Goks Cup 2015

The Goks Cup is an actvitiy brought to the members by LSCS (La Salle Computer Society) that aims for the members to be engaged in sports. Since the members are usually committing their time to academic related activities, the Goks Cup is an avenue for them to exercise the physical parts of their bodies as well as to enable them to develop camaraderie, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. The activity comprises of two sports namely basketball and volleyball.

Goks Cup 2015 was held on the Fridays from September 25 - November 15, 2015 at AJSU AMOSUP Sports Complex. Two teams namely the CCSpikers and Team Victorious Secret competed for the title of volleyball champions. In the end, the CCSpikers claimed the victory.

Meanwhile, 10 teams divided into 2 brackets competed for the title of basketball champions. Bracket A had teams TRESERACT, Team Sabit, CCS All Stars, Mang Kanor, and Green Seen Warriors while Bracket B had teams CCS115, Batak, U10, #OfficiallyPapi and The Money Team. CCS All Stars defeated Batak 58-42 while The Money Team conquered Mang Kanor 76-57 both in the semi-finals. Batak defeated Mang Kanor 72-63 as CCS All Stars dominated The Money Team 53-45. In the end, the CCS All Stars successfully claimed the victory who were then followed by The Money Team and Batak.

Karl Ibardolaza, Armand Maneze, Earl Abraham, Jed Cuyco, Trisha Salva and Rastine Pinlac were awarded as the Mythical Six with Rastine Pinlac also awarded as the Most Valuable Player for Volleyball. On the other hand, Pao Leachon, Von Miko Cheng were awarded as the Mythical Five with Pao Leachon also awarded as the Most Valuable Player for Basketball.

The success of the activity proves that CCS (College of Computer Studies) students are not only for programming but could also excel in other activities such as sports.